Alexander Technique with Sheralyn Rennert MSTAT

Free yourself 

The Alexander Technique is a practical technique that has been around for over 100 years and teaches us how to use our bodies in a more efficient, balanced and healthy manner. Anyone can benefit from the Technique and it is widely recognised as an effective means of alleviating and preventing back pain and other muscular-skeletal pain as well as many other disorders. The Technique was developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander.

Alexander suffered from severe voice and breathing problems as well as poor general health. Gaining little relief or cure from conventional medicine, Alexander set about determining what was causing his problems affecting his stage performances. After years of observing himself and determining how he was using his mind and body to perform activities he discovered he had established habitual patterns of misuse involving the whole body. He slowly managed to develop a technique that he could consciously use to eliminate these patterns of misuse and so managed to cure himself of his throat and vocal problems. His general health improved dramatically too. Alexander began teaching the Technique in London in 1904.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique are conducted one-to-one with a qualified teacher and involve some light non-invasive hands on work.