Alexander Technique with Sheralyn Rennert MSTAT

Free yourself 


The Alexander Technique is a trusted and gentle way to change how you can react to all life's challenges. I will be teaching you a life skill.

In a lesson I will help you to recognise any harmful habitual patterns that have accumulated over the years and enable you, through a growing awareness to make choices of new ways to move and bring about an enjoyable and natural flow to all your tasks which may have become painful or arduous.

I use a combination of hands on muscle groups and verbal instruction to inform your kinaesthesia.

Together we will look at the basic principles at first of standing, sitting, walking and bending and the crucial relationship between the head, neck and back in all of this which Alexander calls the 'primary control'.

I can cover the fundamental aspects in six lessons and we can review how you want to proceed.

Lessons should be as close together as possible to start and once a week is good to begin with and how I began to recover from chronic illness.

It is for your benefit and comfort that I ask you to wear non-restrictive clothing and trousers to all lessons which last 40 minutes.