Alexander Technique with Sheralyn Rennert MSTAT

Free yourself 

Ease versus Dis-ease

Did you know that this powerful technique can reverse some states of disease to ease and well-being? This happened in my case to a miraculous degree – read my story “A Slow Miracle” ( how I recovered from severe ME - wheelchair to wellness )

F M Alexander discovered that the way you use yourself affects the total function of the human being. Whilst Alexander teachers cannot guarantee a cure for any disease, they will teach you to think and move more efficiently, giving you new ways to use your psychophysical self, which could well improve your overall functioning and thus eliminate various maladies.

This technique has improved and in many cases, including my own, completely reversed painful and debilitating conditions, releasing people to live with a new freedom of life.

Alexander Technique has been effective in cases of:





Back pain


Breathing and vocal problems

and many more including depression and anxiety.