Alexander Technique with Sheralyn Rennert MSTAT

Free yourself 

I have the joy back in my performances and I notice this is reflected in the faces of the audience

It's all thanks to the Alexander Technique. F.M Alexander was a passionate performer and his technique has given many musicians enhancement to their skills. So what is it that Alexander Technique adds in valuable star quality that extra hours of practice and painstaking effort just cannot compare with? This technique teaches us to move and think in a more productive way, enabling us to recognise and eliminate inappropriate tensions and habits of moving that have created uncomfortable, even painful, ways of being, on and off stage. However talented and industrious we are, it teaches us to change our whole selves on a conscious level and this allows the music to speak with a more natural clarity. People say I look and sound more vibrant. The flow has an energetic dynamic, yet maintains beauty in its stillness. This is where 'stage presence' in the artist is seductive for the audience who return for more. Wouldn't you?

Published in SE1 NEWSLETTER 4.2.13

Sheralyn Rennert