Alexander Technique with Sheralyn Rennert MSTAT

Free yourself 

"Sheralyn's wonderful teaching has helped me remind myself of the habits that prevent me from always feeling as grounded and fully-inhabited as I can be. 
She has a lovely manner that promotes learning about how to help yourself and your body in a nurturing and encouraging environment. 
Her 'homework' and suggestions for out-of-class exercises and attention are welcome companions that help me keep an eye on how I move and that feeds into a positive ownership of how I feel. 
As someone who has experienced a number of different Alexander teachers, I can wholeheartedly recommend her as really excellent and helpful. Enjoy the journey!"

Greg (28), Cambridge

"I decided to try Alexander Technique lessons with Sheralyn after struggling with uncomfortable knee pain for some months. I don’t have great posture and suspected this was contributing to the problem. Over the years I’ve tried various things to improve my posture, but nothing has worked long-term for me. I was also interested in understanding how AT could help improve my overall feeling of well-being.

I looked around online for teachers and liked the way Sheralyn described how she approached AT lessons and was inspired by her own personal journey with AT. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I’ve found the lessons interesting and enjoyable. I am more relaxed, my posture has certainly improved and I feel lighter somehow. The knee pain stopped after just a few sessions, which was fantastic. I recently helped carry a child’s buggy down some stairs on the tube and hurt my back. I was actually on my way to an AT lesson at the time. Sheralyn was able to settle my back and it helped immediately – in the past I know I would have been in pain for a week after putting my back out like that.

I am very happy to recommend Sheralyn, who I have found to be an excellent teacher. She is really passionate about AT, cares deeply about her students’ progress and instils great confidence.  I’d also recommend AT for anyone who is serious about challenging harmful old habits and becoming healthier."

Andrew, Tower Hill, London

Sheralyn is a perceptive, caring and dedicated teacher. She’s prepared to go to great pains to structure lessons to your individual needs and I recommend her without any reservations

Mr Alan Barnes, Ashbourne

I found great benefit from attending lessons in the Alexander Technique with Sheralyn and would definitely recommend both her and the technique to anyone who has suffered with long term back pain.

Sheralyn has an open and friendly style and communicates the message very well – I would thoroughly recommend you give it a try.

Jeanette, Staffordshire, Retail Consultant

I’m a great advocate for the Alexander Technique and for Sheralyn as a practitioner. I went to her recently for a series of refresher lessons and immediately felt the very positive benefits of this. I have no hesitation in recommending her

Derek Baker

I had been missing my Alexander Technique lessons when I first went to Sheralyn. I had moved away from my original, inspiring teacher and although I had found another teacher I liked, I had not found anyone close enough to home for my circumstances. 
I was needing help for physical symptoms of post-traumatic stress which were becoming difficult to manage during intense psychotherapy. Linked to this has been chronic fatigue and pain as well as a great deal of anxiety and distress.
Sheralyn has proved to be a great teacher for me. I knew I wouldn't be able to engage with the work without feeling totally safe. She has always moved at the slow pace I need especially when I am in a fragile state. She has made the room feel safe by asking me what I need and adjusting.
Most of all - the two top qualities for me - she is an excellent Alexander teacher and a very sensitive and caring person who can empathise with my fears and gently help me to access the wonderful benefits of the Alexander Technique.
It is almost impossible to describe what happens in AT: some people use it for mechanical issues alone, but for me and I am sure very many others, the mind-body awareness helps to heal the whole person in a way I never expected when I had my first AT lesson some years ago.
I  thoroughly recommend Sheralyn as  a teacher who will be patient, adapt to what is needed and like my first teacher who so inspired me, knows deeply that this work changes people's lives, hence her passion.
Helen, Uttoxeter